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Moked.svgLeaderShmuel Mikunis
Meir Pa'ilFounded1973Dissolved1977Merger ofMaki and the Blue-Red MovementMerged intoHadash and the Left Camp of IsraelIdeologySocialismMost MKs1 (1973-1977)Fewest MKs1 (1973-1977)Election symbolקנ

Moked (Hebrew: מוקד, lit. "Focus") was a left-wing political party in Israel.


Moked came into existence during the seventh Knesset, when Maki (which had one seat, held by Shmuel Mikunis) merged with the Blue-Red Movement, which was unrepresented.

The new party ran in the 1973 elections, but won only 1.4% of the vote and one seat, which was taken by Meir Pa'il. During the Knesset session the party changed its name to Moked - for Peace and Socialist Change.

Prior to the 1977 elections the party split in two. Some of the Maki faction merged into Hadash alongside Rakah, which had split from it in 1965, whilst the non-Communist members joined the Left Camp of Israel. The new party won two seats, with Pa'il taking one in rotation.

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