Justice for the Elderly

Political party in Israel
צדק לזקן
Leader 22Moshe SharoniFounded2 June 2008Dissolved27 October 2008Split fromGilMerged intoGilIdeologyPensioner interestPolitical positionCenterMost MKs3 (2008)Fewest MKs3 (2008)

Justice for the Elderly (Hebrew: צדק לזקן, Tzedek LaZaken) was a political faction in Israel between June and October 2008. Led by Moshe Sharoni,[1] it had three seats in the Knesset.


The faction was established on 2 June 2008 when three MKs from Gil (Moshe Sharoni, Elhanan Glazer and Sarah Marom) left the party.[2] Glazer had initially decided not to quit Gil after being promised a Deputy Ministerial post (a decision which Sharoni claimed he would sue Glazer for NIS 2 million for),[3] but eventually changed his mind again and left the party.

The faction was initially planned to be associated with the Social Justice party,[3] with three MKs promised places in the top five on the Social Justice list in the next elections and Sharoni a senior cabinet post, as well as funding amounting to tens of thousands of shekels a month.[4] Gil MK Yitzhak Galanti stated that the "move could result in Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also 'buying' a Knesset faction to represent their views".[5] However, the agreement was later cancelled.[6]

On 15 October 2008 Sharoni announced that the faction was to merge back into Gil.[7] The merger went ahead on 27 October, although Elhanan Glazer broke away to establish another new faction, The Right Way.[2]


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