Brit Olam

Israeli political party

Brit Olam
ברית עולם
Leader 22Ofer Pinhas Lifshitz
Kinneret Golan Hoz
ChairmanYehonatan Kasif
IdeologySocial justice[1]
Direct democracy (from 2015)[2]
Most MKs0
Election symbol
ה‎ (2005)
פי‎ (2009)
נ ‎(2013)
זץ‎ (2015)

Brit Olam (Hebrew: ברית עולם, lit., World Alliance or Eternal Covenant) is a political party in Israel.

Background and ideology

Brit Olam is a joint JewishArab party founded by Ofer Lifschitz in 2005. It stands for the foundation of a Palestinian state, separation of religion and state, raising the minimum wage, and improving the education system. It also aims to improve relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and emphasizes the need for social justice and cohesion.

The party ran for the 2006 elections, with Lifschitz heading its list. However, they won only 2,011 votes (0.06%), failing to cross the 2% electoral threshold. For the 2009 elections, the party was headed by Kinneret Golan Hoz, won 678 votes (0.02%), and again failed to pass the threshold. On its third attempt in the 2013 elections, the list was again headed by Lifschitz and got 761 votes (0.02%).

In the 2015 election, Brit Olam was used as a "Shelf Party" by a pro-direct democracy list named the "National Team (Temporary)".

In the April 2019 election, the Brit Olam list had Lifschitz as a lone candidate. The list won 216 votes, the fewest votes any party list has received to date in Israeli Knesset elections.


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